The Last of Us

The Last of Us

1 säsong202355 min / EpisodDrama, Skräck, Sci Fi, Thriller
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Efter att en global pandemi har förgjort vår civilisation tar en härdad överlevare hand om en 14-årig flicka som kan vara mänsklighetens sista hopp. Seriens handling är baserad på TV-spelet The Last of Us.

When You're Lost in the Darkness
S01E01 81 minuter
2003. As a parasitic fungal outbreak begins to ravage the country and the world, Joel Miller attempts to escape the escalating chaos with his daughter and brother. Twenty years later, a now hardened Joel and his partner Tess fight to survive under a totalitarian regime, while the insurgent Fireflies harbor a teenage girl with a unique gift.
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S01E02 53 minuter
In 2003, an Indonesian scientist makes a devastating discovery. In 2023, now outside of the quarantine zone, Joel and Tess clash over Ellie's fate as they navigate a long-abandoned Boston overrun with Infected.
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Long, Long Time
S01E03 76 minuter
Doomsday prepper Bill prepares to ride out the apocalypse alone...until a mysterious stranger upends his plans. Years later, Joel and Ellie seek Bill's guidance – and find themselves at a crossroads.
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Please Hold to My Hand
S01E04 45 minuter
After a harrowing trek across a desolate United States, Joel and Ellie find themselves navigating a dangerous Kansas City on foot. Later, rebel leader Kathleen instigates a manhunt – one that pits her violent civilian militia against the world's best hope.
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Endure and Survive
S01E05 59 minuter
On the streets of a newly free Kansas City, Henry fights to protect his brother Sam from rebel soldiers who will stop at nothing to appease their ruthless leader. As her manhunt continues, Kathleen doubles down on her quest for revenge, while Ellie forms a meaningful friendship.
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S01E06 59 minuter
After months of traveling, Joel and Ellie receive a grave warning about what lies ahead. Later, Ellie learns more about Joel's past – while Joel tries his best to forget.
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Left Behind
S01E07 55 minuter
As Joel fights to survive, Ellie’s struggle to save him stirs memories of her life in a FEDRA orphanage. Weeks before meeting Joel, Ellie recalls joining her best friend Riley for a night to remember… one that will change the course of both of their lives – and the fate of the world – forever.
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When We Are in Need
S01E08 50 minuter
After crossing paths with a vengeful group of survivors, Ellie's fighting spirit draws unwanted attention from its leader. Still battling for his life, a weakened Joel faces off with a hunting party out for blood.
Från25 kr
Look for the Light
S01E09 43 minuter
After being pursued by Infected, a pregnant Anna places her trust in a lifelong friend. Years later, Ellie is forced to grapple with the emotional toll of her journey, while Joel faces a devastating decision of his own.
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