Swedish Dicks

Swedish Dicks

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Svensk-amerikansk komediserie med bland andra Peter Stormare och Johan Glans i huvudrollerna. Vi följer de två svenska privatdetektiverna Ingmar Andersson och Axel Kruse som löser brott i Los Angeles.

When Ingmar Met Axel
S01E01 24 minuter
A former stuntman Ingmar works as a not-so-successful private investigator in Los Angeles. His last case is to find a stolen laptop of a young DJ Theodore who offers him $8,000. He is led to a struggling DJ named Axel. After the two spend a night at a bar, Ingmar steals the laptop from drunk Axel's hotel room and returns it to Theodore. However, he soon finds out that Theodore is a bartender who was hired by a club owner Tony to steal Axel's music.
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The Blind Leading the Blind
S01E02 24 minuter
Ingmar takes his new colleague Axel to a shooting range where they encounter Ingmar's enemy and founder of the best investigating company in Los Angeles, Jane McKinney. Ingmar bets with Jane that he can make Axel shoot better than one of her guys in one week. Meanwhile, the "dicks" are hired by a blindman Jeff to find out if his wife is having an affair. Axel is introduced to Ingmar's daughter Sarah.
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The Very Brief Adventures of Maintenance Guy and Plant Man
S01E03 23 minuter
The owner of an advertising agency has suspicions about someone stealing and selling his company's ideas. The investigation gets alot more complicated as the agency owner commits suicide.
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Let's Talk About Cults
S01E04 26 minuter
Ingmar is haunted by a ghost of his old friend and stunt partner Tex. A female couple hire the "dicks" to find their missing daughter Rachel who had joined a cult. Axel finds the cult leader Sam and pretends he wants to join.
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Howl Like a Big Dog
S01E05 23 minuter
A young female porn star hires the "dicks" to catch her stalker. Axel is trying to infiltrate inside Jane's detective company.
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Tale of the Tape
S01E06 24 minuter
An owner of a pet cemetery is suspecting her competitor from unethical practices.
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The Curse of the North Korean Curse
S01E07 23 minuter
Ingmar finds a way to get a large amount of money, so that he can buy a car from the guy who he suspects for killing his friend Tex. Meanwhile Axel tries to make friends in L.A. and end up hanging out with Ingmars daughter, Sarah.
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Back to School
S01E08 30 minuter
Ingmar tries to set a meeting with Dimitri, a Russian Mafia boss who sells stolen cars, who he suspects for killing his friend Tex a couple of years ago. Meanwhile Axel is hired to solve a case of cyberbullying.
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There’s Something About Tex
S01E09 23 minuter
Swedish Dicks are commissioned to find a stolen sheep, but before they can begin the search, Ingmar is arrested by the FBI. It looks dark for Ingmar until the FBI is willing to offer him a deal.
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See You Later, Alligator
S01E10 27 minuter
Ingmar travels home to Sweden when he gets a case involving his own daughter who seems to be in danger. All become embroiled in his worst case so far that leads them toward the mystery surrounding Ingmar's past.
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Peter Stormare
Peter Stormare
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Johan Glans
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